Cat Carrier Breathable Small Bag

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5 reviews for Cat Carrier Breathable Small Bag

  1. Emily

    Highly Recommended seller. product quality is so goof

  2. Mykalya

    Putting this things together was absolute hell you have to zip in the sides like separately. None of the zips were going in it was a nightmare. The middle piece is FOAM, one wrong move and i feel as though the holes would tear. Pictured is my 13lb Snowshoe, OX he could turn around in it but definitely not comfortable for him. I’m giving this as a present to a friend she has a very small cat so i believe it would be okay. Definitely not sturdy for being held long periods of time. The plexiglass is VERY cloudy even after wiping down. You cannot fit a bed or even baby blanket in there for comfort. It would squish your cat and the foot space is very minimal as is. Pretty disappointed… i definitely didn’t pay a hefty price but for the price it is i’d expect more than plastic and FOAM.

  3. ally houl

    Oh my goodness, this carrier is adorable. It was a bit confusing to put together but once I knew where the zippers went, it was a breeze. My cat already loves it. I let her go in by herself, zipped it up and took her to go show my husband and we both had a good laugh because it’s just so awesomely cute! My cat did not want to get out. Perfect carrier for cats or a small dog.

  4. PAOLA

    It’s nice because my cat can see where we are going so great for transporting but I wish the foam was a sturdier material. Even though it’s not put together when you receive, it’s easy to assemble. You just need common sense.

  5. ENTLE

    This worked really well to get my pup home on a plane. It came with a liner but bought a 2nd liner as well in case there was an accident. The puppy felt very safe in it and traveled well. She was able to be transferred in it for another month or so before she grew out of it. She loved sleeping in it and always felt secure in it.

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