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5 reviews for Dog Tough Treat Toy

  1. asfer

    Two of my golden retrievers love this toy. One is obsessed with chewing it to release treats, the other basically gets them out by accident. Sometimes I put peanut butter in the “fang” section and they lick at it long after the peanut butter must be gone. It seems very durable so far: one of my pups can chew up a Kong, but he has yet to make a dent in this toy. He loves to fetch and its erratic bounce is perfect for keeping him guessing where it will go. I might have to buy another so they each have their own –they even try to “hoard” it, even when they are sleeping (as shown in the photo)!

  2. A.tran

    My girl LOVES this toy!! one morning I saw her playing with it for 30mins! She’s never played with any toy that long! And it’s tough enough for her.

  3. sauter

    This has been a win for my Siberian Husky. He is a voracious chewer and most toys don’t last long. This toy is so well constructed that he hasn’t even made a dent in it. I like adding peanut butter, canned pumpkin, or cheese-wiz to the side. It keeps him busy for a long time.
    Great purchase – highly recommend

  4. Andi

    This thing (I bought 2) has withstood a lot of abuse from my 2 BIG Standard Bernedoodles. I stuff them with peanut butter and treats to keep them occupied. There is a rubber “brush” built into the side and you can put treats under that also.

    We have had them long enough that a lesser toy would normally be destroyed. Excellent for a big teething pup, durable and chewproof, so far. I will purchase this again (if it ever wears out).

  5. Anoy

    Great chew toy, strong and durable.

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