Dog Treat Chew Toy

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4 reviews for Dog Treat Chew Toy

  1. Maxwell

    Best product

  2. Mark

    Our mini dachshund loves these and will stay busy (for a little while) trying to get all the treats out. We tried dog puzzles for her, but she loses interest quickly, but these she continually works at until every treat is gone. Our yorkie, on the other hand, won’t play with this and instead will play with the puzzles throughout the day, so, at least for us, having a variety works. Our mini dachshund is a “burrower” so I think she enjoys playing with toys she can “dig” into with her nose and that require some chewing. I think that’s why our yorkie isn’t interested – she doesn’t “chew” on toys and instead prefers more interaction which is why I think she likes the puzzles better. I guess it’s helpful to see what kind of “play” your pup engages in to know if this is a good fit.

  3. djc

    These are perfect for my American Cuddle Foxx. She loves to play fetch and these are bouncy and sturdy. She chews them relentlessly but cannot destroy them. Her teeth seem cleaner as a result. Super fast shipping, good company to buy from

  4. sara

    We have a 2 year old, 45 pound boxer who has been known to be a little rough on her toys (especially tennis balls). These are her new favorite! She is constantly playing with them (we’ve had them a few months now) and other than little teeth marks they are still in great shape! They also have a nice mild mint smell that lasts quite a long time! They are a very durable rubber material but still soft enough that she can chew them. We tried the Kong toys in the past, but the rubber was so firm she didn’t like them. These are definitely worth the money and if at some point these give out we will definitely be purchasing them again!

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