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5 reviews for Pet Grooming Gloves

  1. marnk

    We have four lovely furry feline friends who live with us. After replacing all our carpet with flooring we noticed major hair balls floating everywhere like tumbleweeds through the house. Obviously we needed to up our grooming skills. The first time we used it on our cats they weren’t sure about that “big hand” coming after them but it only took once before they started lining up and begging to be groomed. Within a couple of days the “tumbleweeds” had all but disappeared, and even the lint tray in our dryer was cleaner after each load. In addition to the cleanliness positives for this product our cats are calmer and happier. I call it Xanax for cats. Even our somewhat neurotic tabby has became calmer than she’s ever been. This is a great grooming tool and I highly recommend these gloves for any pet.

  2. Max

    My cats LOVE these. 1 cats really loves them, the other likes them OK. People complain about the hair not coming off well. Geez, you want perfection in everything? Yes its a little tricky to get hair off but if you do it right it peels off in almost 1 hand-shaped piece (see pics) .

  3. celtic

    I have a 4 month old husky pup (Sasha) that just started shedding. I have a furminator, but unfortunately she really is too young for that and she hates being brushed, even when brushed lightly to avoid touching her skin.

  4. janefir

    It’s crazy how much my burmese cats shed… they are supposed to be low shed. I had a big brand shedding brush that my girls seemed to hate. They tolerated this glove much better and it got a lot more fur in less time. One of them even purred. Worked really well!

  5. Zuni

    Purchased this as an alternative to a pet brush. Our dog doesn’t sit long enough to get a good brushing when using a typical brush. Not sure if it has to do with the length of the bristles or the presure used to brush him. The pet grooming glove seems to be the answer we were looking for. The gloves smaller silicone bristles gently grabs loose fur while petting him which he enjoys all the time. Although the glove is one size fits all, the adjustable wrist strap makes it easy for me and my kids to use and the shedded fur easily comes off.

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