Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Dogs And Cats Gently Removes Shedding Loose Hairs

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4 reviews for Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Dogs And Cats Gently Removes Shedding Loose Hairs

  1. bIGROB

    My beautiful black hair basic house cat has been shedding uncontrollably for some time now. There was cat hair everywhere from the kitchen floors, bathroom, laundry, even found hair on my tooth brush. The wife lost her s@&$ one day and says that the cat must go! Me being an animal lover and protecting my moody feline gal ordered this brush and wow does it do a great job!! It removed about 4 pounds of hair from the cat and hopefully eliminating hair balls to be discovered by me walking bare foot on the way to the bathroom at 2am. I even tried the brush on my wife’s kid and it worked great! I now have a black eye but can eat without getting mouthfuls of cat hair in my food!
    Great purchase!!

  2. CHLOE

    Great brush. Super easy to clean for those who may have a slight allergy to cats but can’t imagine a life without them! Just push and drop into the trash. My kitten is 5 months old and I thought the bristles would be sharp but as you can see they have little rubber tips on the ends, making it very gentle for the babies! Nice grip, not too big, I can still get under the chin and come up around the side of the neck of her easily. I didn’t want a brush that was too small to where she’ll out grow it but oo big to not be able to easily maneuver, gently in that area. Great product for the price indeed!

  3. Annie

    This is without a doubt the best grooming tool I’ve ever had — in well over 50 years of owning, loving and doing my best to keep their coats tidy — with widely different success rates and the degrees to which the felines on question can stand the effort. Before this gizmo arrived, grooming sessions were limited to what little I could accomplish between squirming and attacks of tooth and claw — limiting the session to a very few minutes before the cat would flee the scene leaving us to nurse our wounds. Eventually we’d have to either cut the resulting mats or give up and call in the pros. Then the ITplus brush arrived. The first time I set out to start the annual spring shed maintenance on our large, black and very long-haired Male cat, l
    I immediately noticed a change. The one touch control worked perfectly to collect the hair so I could easily remove the shed hair and dispose of it one-handed without having to let go of the cat. But by far the best feature of the brush is how it feels to the cat. He absolutely loves it. Any time I sit down he jumps up and asks for a brushing … and as soon as the brush comes out he stretches out and starts to purr. As a result, Tobie’s coat looks fabulous and we have yet to find a single mat!

  4. Adam

    Works perfect, easy to clean and the cats love it

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