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Dobson and Khan is leading company in providing our customers valuable products.

The gaming industry is the fastest growing entertainment industry in the world. While the gaming audience is large, new games and accessory brands are created regularly meaning the market is oversaturated. Brands have to battle for market share and dominance in order to stay relevant to consumers.

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Our Catalog

Dobson and Khan is providing Health and Beauty products to our beloved customers.


Now a days, Home Gadgets are the basic need for hoome decor. D&K is here to provide you all home gadgets.

our process

We are attached with many distributors of different countries to get products and provide valuable products to our customers.

Tours & Tasting

For Home Improvement, we need Tools for different tasks. View All required tools for your Home.

Everyone loves their Pets, D&K is providing A-Z goods for Pets. i.e Supplies, Accessories.

Stationery is really important in different places such as School, University and Specially Offices. 

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